Free at last

It seems to me, that the empire is back. Strange as it is, this is what has happened. 

In a day, where empires are supposedly long gone, and the West is committing suicide, that is a pretty impressive feat done by the Brits. 

As things progress, and Great Britain finds its own feet, slowly the empire will appear again. 

There are many wounds and problems that will have to be healed and adressed before England is wholly healed, and I for one believe, that it is not about the domination upon anyone, but the freedom of those who see themselves as English.

There are bits and pieces of the old empire that is still some kind of dependent on the parliament in Great Britain, but these areas should be respected and enrolled in the common wealth on a sound politics.

The rest; Australia, New Zealand, Gibraltar, Falkland Island and so on, should convene under one common rule to be a strong factor in the international game of thrones. 

Winter was coming, but with the valiant support of such mighty heroes of the brexiteers, the guards are still performing their duty, defending the realm.

Good will win eventually. 

So, well done Brits, things are looking rather bright in the future. Free at last, and with a bright future.

G-d bless the fair islands of the Brits.

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