The European descent into chaos is going its prescribed way.

As Always in Europe, our greatest strength is also our greatest weakness.

The reason we have had all these violent revolutions, is because the Europeans are not good at making dialogue and compromise.

An awful and destructive example on this, has been the way, that Great Britain has been ridiculed and treated bad by the European Union.

Why were there no compromise? No real attempt at making a deal, that could have made both sides happy?

Or the Marrakech treaty, that had to be rammed down the throats of the Europeans, despite the massive criticism.

We are so strong in Europe, so we do not compromise.

This has led to eternal fighting. Remember the 100 year fight between Rome and Northern Europe under the reformation, or the French revolution?

While as Europe is yet again transforming into some thing new, there will be victors and losers, but it is sure, that in the process of Change, Europe will see rivers of blood.

Can we find a compromise? Listen instead of being stubborn?

I doubt it. We will see, but i think, that things will go as it usually does; mayhem, destruction on an apocalyptic level and so on.

I for one, will try to make a believable middle course, that a great part of the political establishment will hopefully follow.

But, I will not lay down and die, not in this time, not in the other, rather never.


G-d bless the will to see compromise, even though it seems distant.

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