The faults of the Western European elite

The European elite looks dumbfounded at the current development of Europe right now.

In France, and other places, the conflicts with the elite is getting out of hand.

What is essentially the problem of Western Europe right now?

To cut to the core, it is immigration and the poverty of the working class.

For a number of reasons, the Socialists have forgotten their class roots, and simply stopped supporting the workers.

Therin lies the problem.

In the UK, France and many other European Contries, identity politics have supplanted union politics.

It may sound a little academic. But take the example of Mr. Tommy Robinson, Working class hero of the UK.

He grew up in an area that was supplanted with identity politics. Where his dad was a craftsman, he didn’t have the opportunity to be one, because the jobs were scarce. Add to this, the constant influx of cheaper labour, he all of a sudden found himself in a working class city that used to built cars and aeroplanes, to a city run by savage islamists.

This will bring conflict.

And it is the Frankfurterschool ideas, that has inadequately adressed the needs of the workers of today. So they rebel.

The devastation that the workers are seeing in their neighborhood fuels anger and violence.

Look at France for that matter. Add to the fact, that workers are pretty used to revolution and are very strong in numbers. You have a devastating situation.

Now the problem of Mr. Macron was the fact, that he didn’t use the ideas that Obama and I invented to solve the problems, but carried on with climate change and humanistic care for nature.

Seriously? He had the opportunity, but when he came to visit us here in Denmark, he didn’t even invite me, despite the fact, that his ambassador that was to leave was a member of my organisation the Vilks committee. Thank you very much!

What Obama and I developed together, was a barrage of ideas aimed at solving these problems. Bringing back the jobs from the outsourcers, creating a renewed bond between American producers and the workers, and stemming migration.

Trumps has simply carried these ideas on, and is reaping the reward.

The US is back and on the right track.

Still the fight with China is looming in the horizon, and the fight in Europe with the islamists. But essentially the prerequisite of a mighty fighting force, that is a mighty production facility, is keyed in.

So there is a remedy to the ailment of Western Europe. That is; remigration of the unskilled workers that is not needed in Europe anymore, investment in national production capability, and a renewed faith in the Republic.

Take that strategy, and be a winner, like Obama and Trump.

But remember, politics is not a chess game, it is martial arts, so be prepared to fight your way through the battle field.

If you do not, you will be no Napoleon or Vercingetorix, but a sun king falling down.

If you do not heed the calling of the Republic, it will cast you away, and become a sixth republic.

G-d bless the will to see through the fog of war, and do the right thing.

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