The Middle East

The Middle East is in trouble. For one that truly loves the beautiful stories of the Middle East, all the ins and outs of the Hittitite, the fall and consequent going underground of the Phoenicians, the moral purity of the Arabs, the humanity of the Egyptians, and the middle men, the Jews as the great communicators of Middle East culture, strife is not my cup of tea.

We are supposed to be an example, if we are to regain some respect worldwide.

Now, as things stand, Mr. Netanyauhu is very aggressive. This is normal for us Jews, we are pretty much used to pogroms, ridicule and other kinds of persecution. I have had my own taste of this destructive behavior in Denmark, where my group The Vilks committee was ambushed and lost member, and the gunner went on to kill a guard at the synagogue.

My great grandmother closely escaped Holocaust, and so on.

As the Lebanese say however, there is a balance between severity and mercy, as represented by the two main pillars in the temple of Solomon, that Solomon built with the help of the Lebanese.

This ties in with the Hittitite, or rather the Persian, who believe, that there is such a thing as complete goodness. The extraordinary drive of the Iranians is, that they have no affinity with Satan, only with good and selfsacrifise.

That is truly spectacular.

In other words, to my mind, the Middle East is walking a tight line between severity and mercy, but I sincerely hope, that the Persian shows what true spirituality is, that of being good.

We Jews are not good at trust, history tells us otherwise. But our essential aim, is to be a good example to the world, and be that light upon the Nations.

What is the answer to that essential question, how do we trust?

We do that by seeing the Middle path between mercy and severity.

If we see things that will sway us towards trust, we move towards mercy, if we see things that sway us towards mistrusting, we move towards severity.

My point is, we should be rational and objective about these things, not naive in any way.

But, if we see and do good deeds, have good thoughts and then do good action, things may Change in the Middle East.

G-d bless the will to understand what we Jews are in the Middle East, that is the COMMUNICATORS of the development, and thus the light upon the Nations.

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