The will of the people

Today is the big Brexit vote day.

These are my recommendations.

First of all, see things from the perspective of the people. It is their vote, and the entire process is about their will. Not my will, not the EUs will, not the Westministers will or the Conservative partys will.

The will of the people.

If you have a look around Europe, for far too long the will of the people have remained unheard. This has angered the common intelligent man to a point, where he is rebelling.

Brexit was such a rebellion, the Yellow wests is such a rebellion.

Essentially what they are saying is; if you do not listen to us, we will dethrone you, cast you away and install a new system.

The ENTIRE EU system and consequently the migration effort, the austerity, the attempt to make some bureaucrats without a direct connection to the people rule us, the taking away of fishing fields, is what they are truly rebelling about.

Add to this the rampant moral and economic corruption.

Yesterday I saw a video from a new party of Denmark; Nye borgerlige. A kind of mainstream version of UKIP. In this video, recommended by the head of SIAD mr. Anders Gravers, three farmers sat discussing the world.

You know, three old grumpy men not having all this international globalist thing anymore. A kind of “back to the earth” reality check. I mean, how do the salt of the earth look at the world these days?

They were old times fashioned grumpy about all the high flying leaders of our world.

They wanted the power back to the people, to their little country. They hated the corruption of the international systems. Kind of a danish version of Donald Trump.

They are right. We have become too affluent, globalized, corrupt in our worldwiev.

We should abandon our ivory towers, cast away our fancy high tech cars, phones and other kind of globalist bling.

Put on some normal clothes, and walk out into the wilderness again. Ask those old timers at the gate of the village. “How to you see the world today”. Maybe even learn a thing or two.

We might just end up getting a little more wise, a bit more down to earth.

Joseph Conrad the acclaimed Polish/British writer had a thing for the ancient sailors of the wooden ships. Steeped in wisdom of the waves and without an ability read or write.

The toughness of the galls is a better learner, than all the books in the world. And if we forget about that, and end up with our heads in the sky, we will be taken from those lofty edifices, and cast to the ground.

But if we listen to the grumpy old timer, maybe we will have a chance of understanding the world anew from the perspective of the people.

G-d bless the will to listen instead of forcing our own agenda.

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