delacroix-la_libertc3a9France is such a flower; Par Isis, Paris, was called in the original settlement that now holds the keys to the French power struggle. We are seeing a difficult path ahead of us. As we are descending down the path of crime and threat.

It is, G-d willing, positive that the islamists are loosing steam. We are not apt to put a Egyptian style government in France, if the Egyptians are not keen about the idea either. It would not make sense.

Now, however the rising trouble of the Pais, should be addressed in a positive manner, that would be accepted by the public. It should be based on the deepest lore og Egypt and Greece in classical thinking.

First of all, in all democracies there is a basic function that will and should ensure the peace and the protection of the nation. It is called citizenship. In the first French revolution all Frenchmen were called citoyen, citizens in the first republic, based on the platonic ideals propagated but the leading French intellectuals. Now, there are some in France who are not interested in a citizenship, and do not accept the Republic of France. They are more interested in stealing and raping and not interested in the virtues and values of the Republic. They cannot be given citizenship, because they are not able and interested in the honor.

This is the tool any democracy should and will use to differ between those who are in the country in terms of economic support and often physical appearance.

According to Aristotle, the pupil of Plato. A citizen should be able to participate in the system of law, and in the process of democracy. If these two demands are not fulfilled, they are not citizens and should be treated as foreigners.

A new family who have not been in the country for long should accordingly be much more faithful to the republic than people who are of families of old.

Use this tool to differ in the ghettos. Enter, see if they respect the law, and solve their conflicts with dialogue. If not, they are to be repatriated immediately to their country of origin.

This is the basic defense of a nation.

G-d bless the Republic of France. And be prepared for an international critique when you start the repatriation.

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