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To make peace, you have to be honest in what you do, and how you see your ways of progress.

There is a chance, right now to accomplish what no other has been able to in the last five thousand years, war has always been a way of life in the Middle East. Over the Syrian Debacles, the Hittites, the Egyptians, the Libyans, the Kush and so on. The wars have been endless, and endless.

This can change in our lifetime, because there is a great revelation taking place in the home of the religious movements; The Messiah or the Messianic creed of the ancients is about to be revealed and implemented. All the ideas and the specialities of the polices of Babylon, Eridu, Ur and beyond are yet to come into existence. The great price of all mankind is yours to set in motion. Now, remember, it is not yours to own, but it is yours to put to the reality, and that is the greatest boon of any liberal president, it has been tried numerous times, but never realized.

Now, listen. Do not get yourself drawn down by old ways of thinking. The West Bank/Israeli conflict was never anything else than a proxy war. Abbas is the hand and always someone else pulled the strings behind the hand. He was a covert operation. Look behind the obvious, and see the real stratagems and power plays.

First look at the Arabs. A proud people, and kings of old. They are here to make peace, because they feel, that the glorious days of the Caliphate has but ended, and they are ready to get on the train again, and prosper under the beautiful star of Abraham. They are ready to relive the basic creeds of the basic lore of their own religion. Please them by calling them to the table of discussion.

Second, look at the ancient Persians, now called Iranian. These people are as proud as the Arabs, but they are different in the basic understanding of Islam. Where Arabs tend to see the faith as an extension of their own legacy and culture. The Persians are mixing the faith of Mohammad with the lore of their own culture; the proud ideas of a philosopher called Zoroaster and other traditions in the culture of the descendants of Cyrus the great.

In the middle you find the Jews. Here you find a proud tribe as well. But a tribe that is always striving and yet have to fulfill what they have promised. This is the action they have to do; host the peace talks. Put the peace talks in Jerusalem, as a reminder, that Jerusalem is the capital of faith for all.

Behind the scene, please invite the head of Russia, because he is the backer of the Shia. Bring your own best men, and put them at the table as well.

Now, the case will be Syria, but the peace is not only for Syria, it will be for the entire Middle East. Remember this: Assad has a legitimate claim of sponsorship of the Alawis. He is their protector. On top of this, he has never been wrong to the Christians. So he is not as bad as you may think, listen to him, and accept him as an envoy of his tribe. That is what he is in this situation.

Cut the deal; yes; there is a home for the Alawite, yes there is a home for the Sunni, yes there is a protected home for the Christians in the vicinity of the American held bases, shared with the brother in East; Russia.

If you cut this deal, in the capital of Israel. You will have delivered in the international promise. Do it, and you are able to live up to the expectations.

Now. Talking about internal politics. You are straying from what you promised. You promised two main things, apart from the immigration remake: To make the economy rebound. This is already on tracks, and hopefully will gain in strength over the next years.

But you have forgotten one thing; the civil rights. Face it. You are the promised son of Martin Luther King. He paved the way for you, and you were elected to fulfill his promise; that there should be no difference between black and white.

Now, how will you do that. First of all; you have to realize what Martin Luther King promised: He promised, that the black people would respect the tenants of the American state and religion. He was a man of the church. And he added to this the spirit and principles of the American democracy to his toolbox; civil rights by a priest.

Now, this is not a liberal ideology, this is a conservative ideology. See the twist? As Bill Cosby actually tried to say; black people should go to school, respect the law, and make good families. You are the symbol of that. You have a nice family, you have made a career. You are what Martin Luther King promised; good stable citizens that would protect and support the American nation.

This is what you are now able to do, and should do. Give the black community the tools and the ideology to be serious and yes, quite conservative citizens of the American state. Give them a frame, where they can bring up little children, be safe, share the grill with the neighbors, have a nice turkey at thanksgiving day.

It is that simple. Give them a beautiful frame where they can do that from. Do it by your example, and find other examples where someone did it like you, ally yourself with Bill Cosby, do whatever it takes to make black people a natural parter of the American day to day life.

This, and you will have done something you have promised, and should do.

G-d bless the spirit of democracy and hope.

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