It is now time to write off the final chapter of your presidency. It is certain that numerous small and large ideas and projects have been completed, but THE large signing project is still ahead of us, and it is quite simple; the final project that will elevate the entire presidency, will be a serious peace in the Middle east. It has never been attained, but there is a window of opportunity now.

After the presidency of Ahmadinejad has ended and the new president of Iran Mr. Rouhani has started, all the pieces on the board of the Middle east is in position for a real peace. If people are willing, it is possible.

Now, that project will fortuitously pass the mistake of the IRS and the NSA. These two things are the worst, but there will also be the best.

So, I really understand the attitude of the generals behind the project; it does a lot of good, but VERY serious and well working systems of transparency should be installed to make it true and within a serious state to accept.

So, your final and most serious work is ahead of you; but if you make that peace, it will be the final and most impressive record of a long line of presidents. It is worth all your energy and striving to do.

There are some internal, domestic discussions and projects, but really the most important is already in the making, and will hopefully come to fruition within a few years; the rebounding of American economy. If we succeed here, that at least will be worth a lot.

Remember, there are some other things we should do to turn the tide, but the economy was what you really stood for, and could win quite easily.

G-d bless United States of America.

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