vercingetorixFrance is suffering, the ancient homeland of the Gauls is a mess with too many terrible incidents each day; rapings, stealing, mass violence, incredible inaction by the state and a feeling of inadequacy of the populace.

In this situation the Generation Identitaire is the only salvation. But it can only happen, if the development is anchored in something French.

Now, I have spurred on certain developments in England, Denmark, Russia, United States, Israel and a bit in Germany. This development is nothing new in Denmark, it is an ancient line of thought, that has lain dormant and ready for two hundred years. Ready to be unleashed and save the Europeans and many more in the advent of a great crisis.

In its core it is a democratic development, with many of the same ideas as in the first french revolution, but added with a certain element that sets it apart. Where the first French revolution was a renaissance that gave life to the ideas of especially Socrates and other classic thinkers. Grundtvig, who founded the school was also very much a man of the people in the historical sense. He was a romantic. He believed that the Danish people was a people with thirst for freedom, beauty, light and creativity. He wanted to set i free, and he believed, that it was defined not by its territorial limits, or its states limits, but by its spirit and stories. He founded a philosophy with the heroes of the olden times, the great and spirited vikings, and all their boisterous fighting. He told the danes the sagas of old, and made a wide path of understanding that the Danish people could wander on; blessed with the flowers of great deeds and illuminated with the light of the courage of our ancestors.

Now, this ideology is the basis of the work I have done with EDL, with SIAD. It is why I have sung to the beauty of the dew clad islands, and read about all the heroes of the Anglo Saxons.

Now, the Gauls are an ancient tribe as well. But a bit different from the Danes, the Germans and the Anglo Saxons. The stories of France are, in a way defined in beauty. At least that is what I have thought when I have read about the myths of France. It is so beautiful. When I see a french car, and often admire the lines of the vehicle, or see ancient castle in Tour de France, I have always admired the beauty of France, the glory in a way. It is a Gaullic speciality, the heroism of the yore. This is the real France that is in danger of being lost.

Now, according to Plato, the Good and the beautiful is one.

This is perhaps the idea of France; to refind the beauty of France in the myths of the ancient land, in the strength of the hand of the hero.

At least this is my blessing to all who wish to define a beautiful France in the face of the atrocities we are witnessing now.

G-d bless the beauty of Vercingetorix, the reborn hero of the Gauls.

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