World peace

Looking at the theatre of war in the Middle East, one things is certain; everyone are hungry for something. Some honor, some glory, some peace, some justice. In this theatre we need to make ends meet.

There is a huge difference in the making; the new elected leader of Iran will have an opening, right now, to show some progress in the discussion of Iran´s role.

Now, Iran have had a lot of de facto progress, because we are in trouble with our own ideals and our allies. Our allies are, behind our backs, trying to manipulate and are scheming in our countries. Add to this the continued threat of terrorism, we are in trouble. We, in the West, did not start the wars on Islam, we were forced, and honestly, we cannot, with good faith accept that the Sunnis are only peaceful towards us, too much has happened, the 9/11 as the greatest threat to the West.

Now, if you continuously attack your friends, in the end, the alliance you have grow weaker, it will happen.

But the alliances are still here, just weaker, and this is the motive behind the scaled down support of the Sunni warriors in Syria. In mean, we risk the weapons being used against ourselves or our western allies when they have been used in the Syrian war. So it is a problem.

The best course of action is therefore to work on a peaceful solution.

Here Iran is a crucial country to work with. If Iran is less aggressive, the Syrian war will diminish. Bashar Assad can only work his progressing fronts if he gets the weapons he needs from Iran and other countries.

Now, the Sunni are angry because they feel betrayed. Well, they should have thought about that before they send a few airplanes into the two towers of New York.

Add to this a growing Sunni aggression against Russia in the south of Russia, and the Sunni are creating too many enemies to handle at once.

It is the vainness and the unrealistic view in the world of many Arab nations. Get real; Arabs are wise, but not wiser than any other country, and Arabs need allies as everybody else.

I advise Russia and the United States of America to work for peace, and in this process work with all who wish for it. But I also advise the Arabs to fare much more precautious. You are overstretched, and making enemies in Europe, Asia, United States, Russia and many other places, it will end a an abysmal chaos, if you do not stay out of trouble at least in some places.

But, we should work for peace in the interest of all.

G-d bless the wise and the honest.

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