To define the way forward, we are often in distress, yes, there is the guidance, of the ancients, but we need to understand the way of ethics as well, to understand the workings of our dreams, our nations and our spiritual path.

In hermetic texts there are many insights as to why things are as they are today. We need to go to the roots of our philosophy to really understand it.

According to my sources, Plato went to Heliopolis. The central city of ancient Egypt. There he was given insight into the mysteries of the temple of the sun.

He had many answers and many insights that we use today, written in the beautiful language of Athens.

Now, according to a hermetic text; a text that is written in the time of the Ptolemaics. There is a central point of guidance that is the upper goal of all ethics, that goal that Aristotle call happiness. This goal is, according to the ancient Egyptians; Good.

Good is what we all strive for, if we want and are able to reach happiness. But as I have written about earlier; good is a thing in nature, but it is a rare thing. It is something we need to reach, and all nature is trying to reach, but is often unable to.

Therefor, as a guidance of philosophers as not only the ancient Egyptians but also Zoroaster. There is more than just the ideal. There are also thought and action.

This is really the triune goal of all who wish to empower their life and reach that secret and rare spot in nature we all strive for, and so few reach; happiness in the beautiful light of goodness.

G-d bless the ancient Egyptians, and may their descendants remember who they were, and realize yet again their potential as bringer of life and light.

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