239324_flagi_brazilskij-flag_braziliya_zemnoj_1920x1080_www.GdeFon.ru_There are so many atrocities done in the name of the Catholic church and the system we as the West has put up in the Southern American continent. Right now, there is an awakening, but the basis upon which it is based os soured with corruption, old wounds and a dysfunctional state.

It is not that I do not like Brazil, in fact I really love Brazil for its beauties. I love the beaches, I love the peaceful people, I love the beautiful spirit of the people as expressed by Paulo Coelho. For many years in fact I have had the honor to dance in Brazil as a member of a small Danish dance ensemble. I have attended the carnivals in Rio de Janiero, Recife, Salvador, and travelled most of the country. So I believe I have a good idea about it. Add to this a few brazilian friends and a Brazilian sister in law, my connection is pretty strong to the land of tropical beauty.

Now, last time I was in Brazil, I lived on Santa Theresa, a small hill in the centre of Rio de Janeiro. It is the Montmatre of Brazil, filled with artist, Bohemians, tourists and robbers.

It was a strange experience, not because I did not like the Bohemians, I loved them, but because there was an eerie almost spiritual feeling at the centre of the hill. It was as though something really terrible had happened there and it still hung in the air. It really responded negatively on violence, as though it had seen too much of it. Maybe it was just me who imagined something, it probably was, but it spurred me to look into the recent history of Rio and the vicinity to the beautiful but dangerous city.

The story was extremely bloody and sad. We as Europeans came to a country inhabited by a normal people who fed themselves by smallish agriculture and harvesting the bountiful nature around Rio de Janiero. They were not that good or bad, just people. They were controlled by chiefs, and the intellectual caste was shamans or priests.

After a huge war with the Europeans, they realized, that they could not win, and the colonization was inevitable. They simply did not have the means to continue the fight with the european totally advanced weaponry, so they did the most wise in the situation; they went west. To flee the wars and the atrocities. This probably went on for some time, but the Europeans followed in their trails and basically terminated their existence.

This is the story of Brazil. A story of inhuman slaughter of raping and killing. This is the wound that should be tended before there will be anything closely to a peace in Brazil.

The temple on the mount should be cleansed and the old deeds should be used as a tool to understand what we should not do anymore.

Now, this is nature, and it has happened over and over again. It is not the first time it has happened, and will probably not be the last. Some of the same things are actually happening in Europe right now, with the same abysmal consequences.

But, healing that wound will only happen if it is done spiritually, there is no other way to reach over the deep divide in terms of time and understanding. I know it is difficult. But the Catholic Church would be a place for this to happen. Say that we were sorry for the deeds, and we repent. We are not the ones who did it, but we are truly sorry that it happened and we ask for forgiveness. We need to mend the wounds and get a new start, but for that we need to stop the atrocities that still goes on some places, and perhaps start a new state in unison.

Now, there are two other things that need to be worked upon in Brazil if it is to made work again.

The people of Brazil ask for change. Well, do they know what change really is? Change is a concept coined by a jewish philosopher called Alinsky. Basically he is a Social Democrat. But much more a democrat than a Communist. So he saw change as a democratic evolution that had no racial mark on it. Democracy was a nonracial philosophy that could serve as a meeting point for all despite color or other racial marks.

So, to ask for Change, you need to understand the basis of democracy.

Democracy is basically two institutions; rule of law, and the distribution of power to the people.

The rule of law is a conservative institution run by judges and police in the interest of law.

Now, this is really a problem in Brazil, and it is getting worse; law. People are not in the right mind as to respect law, and there are too many favelas, where gangs are running the community.

Now, to make a uncorrupt country. The lawmakers must be uncorrupt. This can only be done, if the mindset of the bureaucracy changes. Now what is law? Law is the pursuit of justice. A thorough remake of the entire system of law should be commenced, and ALL corruption should be rooted out. True, just and honest judges and police should be the goal.

Then there is democracy in the distribution of power to the people. Now, it is a democracy already, but the problem is the corruption in the system. Too many citizens of Brazil are voters for sale. And the entire system is a system where the powerful buys their voters. The politicians buy each other off, and so on.

Transparency and the rooting out of friendly deals should be the task of all who believe themselves as people who believe in change.

Now. There are two more things that should be done. First of all, to create a society where the distance between the poor and the rich is smaller. A progressive tax should be implemented. It works, it has worked in all countries inspired by the Democritian idea.

But the most important, is not all the mechanics, it is the vibe of the young. The young are the hope of the future, as in Egypt. Now the young are always eager in spirit, and bold in action. They should follow the ideas of Paolo Coelho and join him in the fray of the fighters of light. Enlighten the Brazilian society, with untarnished and bold truth.

G-d bless the Republic of Brazil

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