I wholly support the military and the youthful opposition to Morsi. It seems to me, that the rest of the society, that is all those who are not willing and interested in being run by a power hungry Islamist, is trying to make a stand.

The vote was won by Morsi, but that does not make him the only drafter of the constitution. The constitution should be made to meet all Egyptians. This is why the rally is held, they are angry because they feel that Morsi is going too far, and is making Egypt into something that only the Islamists want. What about all the other? Are they not protected by the state? The liberal, the socialist, the Christians.

Now, I believe the constitution should be written to meet the needs and the interests of all. That is a constitution without reference to the Koran or other holy book. But has the people as the supreme idea and ruler. All of the people.

G-d bless Egypt.

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