It is truly amazing, I am so impressed by the Egyptian military, it is professional, ethical and well planned in its actions. It seems to me, that it is not a power grab, but a necessary action to stop all the violence and problems on the street. Now, we have a serious process that will lead to a good constitution with all interests in coordination. That is how it is supposed to be; serious, well orchestrated and in the interest of the Egyptian people.

Now, I have been thinking a whole lot about recommendations for the constitution, in the interest of the Egyptians people, and in the interests of the main ally United States of America. But, I think, for me it is too early to say anything about the process, I will wait for everybody to say what they are interested in, and how they believe it should be done, after that I will try to elevated the process to a philosophical level and make recommendations for a constitution that will be streamlined in the interests of the people, and with a sound respect for the history and traditions of Egypt.

In respect for Twolands.

G-d bless Egypt, and may it finally find a true peace and its own worth again.

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