Congratulations mr. Netanyahu. That was an all odds against you win. But with a little help from your friends, you overcame the troubles in front of you.

First of all, this gives you a ticket to pursue the security of Israel. To be a true leader in terms of defense and protection. The war against IS has just begun, and Israel needs to be tough and strong in the coming years. There will be many challenges, and true difficulties.

I do not believe in a peaceagreement with the Gaza strip, it is too volatile, and all the evil, terrible measures it has taken to make its bid, disqualifies it as a viable partner. They should not be tyrannized, that would make us be like them, but making a deal is against any reason.

The deal with Iran however is another matter. We have a chance here, as I see it. Iran is all in for it, and the constituency, with the new Kahlon party will seek for a compromise on this issue. Added to the pressure mr. Obama puts on this issue (it is his defining foreign policy project), there seems to be a lot of pressure.

I would sue for a hand on the deal. Make amends with mr. Obama and seek a way to ensure a deal that all will be able to live with.

If the deal is broken, go back to the attack plans.

Iran is a very religious country. They hate us, because we are corrupted and evil, but they are not evil themselves, in itself. Iranians believe that what they do, they do it for the good of spirit. As in all matters of spirit, understanding the way of spirit is what guides us all.

I have supported them for a long time, because we basically agree on the focus on G-d, and somehow this project is something that binds us together. I never planned it, it happened because we realized, we had a lot in common after all. As with Egypt, that I believe that I have contributed to a lot, in a very positive way (Egypt is really finding itself these days), the same can happen, if we are as lucky as in Egypt, with Iran.

Who does not want to in alignment with itself? Who does not want to be hundred percent Jew, Persian, Dane, Egyptian or American? We all want to be ourselves, and we want to be a romantic version of ourselves. The heroes of old, the Cyrus, the David, the Churchill. This is what all wants, and the heroes would not be heroes if they had not been fair and just.

Anyway, the telephone is open. Not as a way to bind, but as a way of friendship.

G-d bless Israel.

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