The need

Human or social engineering as the politicians and the policy makers have been doing the last forty years in Europe is missing a point. You can steer human development into some canyons and riverbeds of development, but there is one thing you have to accept, that you cannot control, and should never control. The most ferocious and unforgiving of all forces in human socity. The one force that always is the mother or all revolutions; the need. The human need. The stronger the human need is, the more difficult it is to control. As in the French Revolution, where the true need behind all the marvelous philosophy of the revolution was a simple need to eat. Marie Antoinette ate cakes, but the people had no bread. So they stood up to her, to have bread. The same goes with the Russian revolution, where the people were starving due to the First World War. Another need not covered, and a kingdom a thousand years old fell.

The same is going on in Europe right now the peoples of Europe are in need of security. The politician still believe in the grand plans of the European Union. But the people just need to have a job and be safe. Mass epidemics of rape, massive increase of criminality, societies broken down, creates a need.

So the people rebel. They elect leaders the establishment does not like, because they go against the powerful EU elite. They support free thinking cartoonists. It is a mess.

So far, the current system has backtracked, fought for its ideas, persecuted some of the freethinkers, pushed the multicultural agenda. But it is like trying to make a dam in front of a lake. The more you dam up the water, the stronger the pressure becomes, and the cracks keep on coming.

Why? Because of the needs of people. You can take away their freedom, their entertainment, let them eat a poor meal. But if you accept and even condemn them when their daughters are raped, they live in constant fear, they see their very world torn down in front of them. They will rebel.

Now, this force is so strong it creates revolutions. It turns everything upside down. And so far it has been creative of a powerful paradigmatic shift inside Europe. Seeds have been sown, and they are ready to blossom.

But the elites still do not get it. They cling on to “more of the same”. And hope that if just the right amount of pressure and the right amount of skill is applied and used, everything will be fine.

They do not know the force of the need.

I have tried to create new ways for the needs to be used, in a constructive manner. Because as needs are devastating, they are also the opportunity for rebirth and regrowth. The fining, the catarsis, the burning away of all our own corruption, in the making of new good societies.

This is the way it is, when someone or something stands at its own deathbed. It is either winning it all, or loosing it all. But we need to listen carefully, otherwise the needs will end us up in darkness, a powerful destructive force will kill us all, and end the life of Europe.

This the stakes we are meeting, perhaps some heads should be turned the right way, ask the right questions, and start doing something about it, before it is too late.

G-d bless the will to unite and grow strong again.

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