Tycho Brahe

Tycho_Brahe's_StjerneborgThe Middle East i trying to regain momentum in the international world. Everything we have today was invented in the Middle East, or at least most of it, but the West has surpassed and gone farther.

What was it really that gave the West momentum? Was it Newton? Machiavelli? Nietzsche? Adam Smith? Voltaire? Well, as I see it, I believe the most important philosopher or scientist that really made all the difference was a Danish scientist called Tycho Brahe.

He was a part of the Italian renaissance five hundred years ago, and he had one thing that really inspired many scientists and philosophers of his time; the method of precision. Until his time, a lot of the observations made within astronomy and natural science at large, was highly imprecise. It was so, so – and more or less. So nothing could be certain, everything was speculation.

Tycho Brahe changed that. He made instruments extremely precise. So precise nothing was really seen like it before. He was extremely thorough as well, methodical, and could thereby prove that the understanding of the world we had until then. That a system where all stars, moons and planets were placed on a crystal-sphere, and thereby immobile, was wrong. He proved it wrong with his instruments. The ground breaking work; De nova stella, the new star, proved that things actually move in the sky.

Ever since that, natural science has been all about prove, precision, methods to advance the understanding of the universe.

Values I try to implement in my work, though it is difficult with metaphysics and politics.

But it is basically a cultural trait. It is the way we think up here north, and it works.

So, making a renaissance in Egypt and elsewhere where science really started, a focus on proveability, methodology and thoroughness is a good way to perhaps rekindle all the light that was once in the Middle East, but now on a modern basis.

G-d bless you all, and may the light shine once again in all your cities.

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