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Today in Europe there is this discussion on whether we should have borders or not. Basically the liberal part of the political landscape, including a great part of the so called rightwing, believe that a borderless society is a good thing. Some refer to Adam Smith, and his ideas in free markets, other refer to Karl Marx and his ideas about borderless solidarity between workers. 

Both, to be honest, very vague ideas, and therefor impossible to implement. There is no inherent philosophical quality in the ideas, and as a consequence, it falls apart. Most prominently in France and Great Britain where Ukip and Front National are truly sweeping the ballot boxes. 

But is there really a deeper discussion in the political problem we are facing. Honestly what really makes me annoyed is when someone forces a half measured principle on me, and then becomes all surprised when it falls apart. It is off cause a lack of mine, I should be more tolerant towards amateurism, but it still nags me, that the so called founders of the EU did not employ someone with a bit more skill when they started out the project. At least use a decent philosopher. 

Anyway, despite my difficult stance on this issue, I will try to be as objective as possible in the discussion. There are several stations one could touch, and should touch in the process. First of all, to be fair, it has worked before, mainly in the United States, where separate units became of multistate, or rather as it is called; United States – of America. 

It took a Great War, and a deep philosophical debate and fight to make the United States of America, and the peoples inhabiting the different states were not at all rooted in the new territory. So they were much more easily swayed and often cajoled into a superstate. 

This is not the case with Europe, here we are talking about ancient tribes living in an area, that they have fought over for three thousand years. Add to this roots of philosophy so deep it is hardly imaginable. This small area on the globe has won all the fights it has had with any other civilization, and still controls the entire world. Not directly anymore, but mainly through its glorious off spring. 

So, you want them all to be United in one state. Is that even possible? Well I suppose it was possible at a time, before the Schengen. At this time, there was a positive air around the project, and with a bit more skill, the peoples of Europe could have been swayed into an agreement. But the Schengen changed all that, because mixing up people across borders was simply doing too much in too short a time. The peoples started feeling lost, and conflicts started to emerge. When you do something against the wish of people, you often get a violent reaction. So the project has become absolutely impossible to go through with. Already it is seen as the mother of all problems, because it does not argue very well for its ideas. Again here we see the basic problem of the project; amateurism. 

At the end, nobody really wants the project, and that is why we have the basic problem, because amateurism is the effect of a poor workforce. The best minds are attracted by ideas, challenges and real progress. Something the EU cannot offer, so they must do with the second best. 

What has really happened, it is a reawakening of the tribal ideology. We see Danes, Englishmenn, Swedes, Frenchman, Dutch forming up. We talk about the nation, but behind that idea lies the feeling of a tribe. The tribe can be formed up genetically, but it can also be defined as a cultural entity. As in Judaism, where you can become a Jew, if you really make an effort, and deserve it. The same goes with Danes, Dutch and so on. You can become one of the tribe, if you really make effort. 

Tribes are, traditionally, a positive idea, that underlines the pursue of justice, prosperity and highculture for the tribe. The borders are extremely important, because with this you can ensure security and development. 

Within the tribe, there is the sanctuary of law and religion, originally demarked by stones or simpler as lines. 

These different principles battle in these times, and we will see what will win. But one thing is certain. With great experiment comes a violent proces. And the EU is, unfortunately for all the peoples of Europe, one of those utopian projects, that has absolute no idea about the result of what it has started. 

So we all brace ourselves for the storm, settle in, and harvest our resources for the fight. 

I do not condemn the aims of the European Union, I believe in peace. But I do condemn the haphazard process it has begun. Millions and millions of people around in Europe are witnessing devastating consequences of the project, and they pay a price they do not deserve to pay. All because some politicians believed they had the arrogant right to choose for them, though they had never earned that right. 

G-d bless the will of spirit in the face of the storm that will soon hit Europe. 

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