We are coming to an end in the discussion and negotiation on the Iran deal. Everybody have something at stake. And the future implications are vast.

I dreamed about ending the cold war, and starting a new era of peace and enlightenment. Unfortunately, the conflicts in and around Ukraine put an end to this. But somehow, to my luck and general surprise, we still see a good development in the negotiations between European nations, the US, Iran, Israel and other players.

In a way, it is revealing about the true power of the world. We have the European Union, talk about Bric countries and so on. But at the end of the day, it is the West and East, that is descendants of the Danes and Swedes that decide the outcome of the negotiations. Strange, but there it is; we feel comfortable about each other, and go a long way to find a compromise. To the good of humanity.

Iran is pretty stuck in all the infights of the family of the Europeans, and I truly understand, that it is annoying, but rest assured, that I will, as the caretaker of the tree of the Danes; Asgr, the guardian of the lore of Vikings, will try and help. You deserve it, by listening and caring.

Things are not what they seem, the true arguments are never what they say, but beneath the posturing and all the swagger of the Danes, we are truly loyal to our friends, and we do sacrifice ourselves if that is what is necessary.

It is a feeling and a vibe, we are one all we who came down on the boats to the German mainland, to Northern France, to England and Scotland, and then to Ukraine and the US, to Australia. We carry the honor of the old ways, and that is a way of loyalty to our friends.

G-d bless the will of spirit in the pursue of peace.

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