The helping hand

We are in a dead end theoretically both in metaphysical as well as in socialist terms. The ideas in the socialist camp are often barren and very, very far from the outset.

The outset is Karl Marx and his international version of Sparta. That is focus on the mass, the military aspects of the society, the secret police and solidarity.

This he saw as a workers issue, and propelled socialists to work for an international solidarity movement.

This is not the way, as I see it. As Plato was criticized by Aristotle, I believe that Aristotles arguments are true (Plato was also very inspired by Sparta). His arguments are; an utopian society too far removed from the needs of people will not work, and consequently fall apart. As we have seen in all places where socialism has ruled, it has fallen apart everywhere.

There are several issues, as I see it, that should be adressed. First of all, there is the issue with the family. According to Marx, family is not a good institution (he was here inspired by Sparta). This is a false premise I think. As Aristotle I believe, that family is a prerequisite for at society. Family is the basic building stone. If this is changed in a socialist society, much will be better. In fact, I would, if I were a modern socialist, work for family in respect of security, economical underpinning, and support in terms of school and daycare. It would make it much more easy for many families who are often hardpressed, especially when the kids are young.

Then there is the metaphysical problem of the socialist inspired welthfarestate. Today mostly psychology makes the theoretical underpinning under school and daycare work. I like psychology, and am a fan of Jung, but as Jung and Freud are very deep, they are still not as deep as Jesus Christ or Moses. My point is, that a metaphysical underpinning or just discussion about the school and social system at large, would lift the whole area a lot. I mean, why do I work my day off as a helper of a handicapped child? Because I believe that the creator gave me an incitement to change things in a positive way. My philosophy behind my work makes my job full of meaning.

These two changes in a socialist thinking could make way for a renewed charge by the church, here I specifically think about the Anglican church into mainstream society.

By insisting that the values and the ideas of clergymen is of a value, not only in marriages and in death, but also as a theoretical underpinning under schoolwork, and other kinds of social and educationary work.

Talking about the Anglican church. I believe, that we have stopped the moral discussion on politics before it went too wild. Thank you for that, we are now ready to start again. First of all; challenges of a metaphysical nature is not about fighting someone, but about fighting for something. G-d wishes us to lift humankind, so they are closer to him. This is done by going out and finding those in need of healing and support. It may be the lonely elderly, the man in the gutter, the prisoner, the sickly child.

G-d wishes us to help them, and in this process help everybody around them, to have a better life.

But this work is difficult, because we have to get out of our comfortzone, and risk ourselves in the meeting with world. Be naked in the meeting with people we do not know, and may hurt us, by rejecting us, or trying to abuse our kindness.

But this is what G-d wants for us, because only if we do good deeds and think good thoughts, will we lift his children here on earth.

So instead of staying in our churches, we should lift the gate open, and start going out on the street to risk ourselves and save the souls of those who are lost.

Bring them back to G-d, to kindness and care.

G-d bless the will to listen to G-d in his arms of mercy.

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