Mr. Barack Obama

Change1280Now the last few stones in the great monument of mr. Barack Obamas tenure are being laid. Will he get the green light from mr. Netanyahu in the negotiations with Iran? Will the community philosophy really take roots? Will the economy keep on working as it has?

Some of these answers will be answered in the future. But there is no doubt, that he has brought Change. Take Tunisia, take the economy so far, take Egypt.

Together Barack and I have really made a huge impact, and I truly hope we will see it for what it is; a new philosophy based on the old. Marx came from Hegel, I come from Marx. The rebellion Marx did towards Hegel, I have done to Marx. Working on the weak spots, and finding new answers. As in making liberal theory metaphysical again, and shedding the material basis for an ethical and spiritual basis. As giving a new chance to the family.

Add to this the focus on democracy and humanism, you have a brand new political/metaphysical paradigm, that has had, already a huge push on the world.

Will we satisfy the promises of Change and Hope. Well, we will see. But one thing is certain, we have already come a long way.

I hope these frontier ideas will end up as human lore one day, so that our grandchildren will read about us in books and perhaps look at a worn old statue with our names on.

They will perhaps just see an old figure, but we know, that we stood tall in a critical situation for Queen and country, for democray and freedom.

G-d bless our freedom

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