Jesus-Christ-christianity-17724130-405-288We have an immense problem in Northern Europe. The problem can be boiled down to a devastating attack by Muslim extremists on our very societies. Muslims who are despised by the Arab world have a free rein in Northern Europe, often defining what it is to be Muslim.

I mean Hizb-Ut-Tahrir, direct supports of IS, are often coveted and supported in Northern Europe, The Muslim Brotherhood used to be as well. But in the Middle East they are despised.

So who are we to judge? Why cant we see, that the perpetrators who are laying waste to our societies, use methods as rape and sharia police in our cities to fight us, are not just representative of all Muslims? Why cant we just say it as it is; we are encountering a vile, secteric, inhuman version of Islam. A version where all the mean and destructive parts of Islam is amplified and brought to an extreme.

Why cant we just say that, and start doing something about it?

It is because of fear. Terror, some call it. We are scared, and due to this scare, we are willing to sacrifice our young women, our societies, our wealth, our security. Terror works.

So what do we do to counter it?

Well, seen from an enlightenment perspective, we need to reflect the ideas of enlightenment in our daily actions. Enlightenment is an idea of one of our main allies in the Arab world; Egypt. Humanism is the creative and spiritual child of Heliopopis, the city of light.

We need to be inspired by the ones who actually understand the ups and downs of the world, and use the positive ideas they are themselves carriers of.

There are two modes; the light of the moon and the light of the sun.

The sunwielders are mighty sacrifising warriors, who brings the light into the Platonic cave, often paying with their own lives and comfort. Today we call them bloggers. They are despised, ridiculed, hated. Because the light they shine on us is too much, and we cannot take it. But they are the best in us, the most honest, the strongest and our guiding stars.

Then there is the light of the moon. The light of the moon is connected to the myth of Isis and Osiris. The mother of virginity wandered the pallid earth, and was sucked into the needs and the cravings of flesh. She however had her savior; her son Osiris, he saved her, by shining so much light into her world, that she was not blinded, but could use it to see again. This is the story behind Christian redemption by Christ. Christ will save us, by his gentle light.

This is the light of those who are less prone to fighting. Who wish to find a path that they and their close ones can travel. This is the savior of the many.

This is the path of the pastor and the priest, this is the crutch of the everyday labor.

Through this method may we be saved.

Gentle light on the problems will ensure that we can tackle it, little by little, bit by bit.

G-d bless the light of the world, however we see it.

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