The election in Israel is coming to an end. Let me be clear about this. I support, 100 %, mr. Netanyahu. He has been clear, decisive, intelligent, honest and extremely skilled in his defense of Israel. He has his faults as everybody else. But in a volatile situation where enemies are all over, mr. Netanyahu is the right man to support. On top of this he actually does balance between liberal and conservative stances, especially in the late Gazan war. Something he never got the right amount of praise for. The conservative part could not see the balance he actually made.

We very much disagree on Iran, but we hold the same values. We are in the same party. We analyze things a little differently, but we want the same.

So, if I can do anything to help, please ask me. If it is about Iran, why not give me a call? I will listen to all arguments, all evidence presented by all parties. I am not swayed by pressure, but logic arguments are what turns my ideas, and I am open to any.

But, as I see it, mr. Netanyahu is the right president.

G-d bless Israel.

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