We try to remember what we can, but a basic premise of being man, is to forget. Therefor, things that seemed obvious once will be forgotten in the next day.

Here in the Scandinavic cultures, we have forgotten who we are. It is all good, that we are inspired by this and that beautiful philosophy, but truly we should also remember who we ourselves are. Our identity is worth something. It is something we should not forget, something that is just ours to preserve and give us something to be special about.

I think the rationalistic enlightened paradigm we have immersed ourselves in makes us blind sometimes, to other ways of seeing the world. We believe, in our arrogance, that our version of reality is the only viable. But, there are many other version of the world, and how can we be sure that ours is the right one?

Off cause I believe that rationalism and enlightenment is the basis we should stand on, but perhaps a more humble attitude to the world view would make it easier to be us.

Instead of believing we hold the only answers, we should perhaps be ready to accept, that it is a version of reality we should be ready to defend and fight for.

If we do not understand how other people think, then how are we to navigate and put forth arguments for our way of things?

G-d bless true wisdom.

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