The Middle East

There is more peace, and less war. But always these forces of light and darkness, order and chaos are surviving in an eternal embrace.

True spirituality must serve G-d. If it is only another selfagrandisment or another personal gain one gets by calling upon G-ds name, it is not G-d one follows, but the dark lord. It is as simple as that.

Evil is always present, and most often in the people who demands moral authority without humility. Those who know for certain what is right or wrong. Be it Herodes, Levfebrians, fanatic Christians, Hindu, Jews or Muslim.

They know what is right, and as a consequence believe to have the moral authority to persecute and subdue. But you never know the way of G-d. You may have an idea, or you may find a guiding star. But we as men are too simple to really understand the ins and outs of what G-d wants, the grander scheme, the great objective. We are simpletons compared to G-d, and should therefor be humble to try and understand his plan. Never be arrogant and all knowing, we are but small ants compared to the wisdom of G-d.

Now, there is a lot of fighting going on in the Middle East right now, and the two main strands of Islam are in an infight. As often before. Why? Why is it necessary? Is there a greater goal? Who will benefit? Will G-d and love and peace be strengthened, or just the gain of the man on earth?

These questions should be asked and answered sincerely before going into another war. Because war is the mother of all misery, and misery is the paycheck of the dark lord.

So please, understand your own motives before you strike. Not your gain, but your endgame. What is it you will truly get from going into another devastating war.

And I will tell you now; you will gain nothing. Only lose lives and prestige. People will say; oh it is the primitives of the Middle East, fighting yet again, and they will not come to the Middle East to understand who they themselves are. They will just fly over it as another unruly spot on earth, better not meddled with.

Therefor unity is better, brotherhood of man is better, honesty and humility is better. Not egoism and selfishness.

G-d bless the peace we may have, if we are wise enough.

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