Now the crisis in Ukraine is on the mend, it is not over, but it is getting much better. The inital redrawing of heavy weaponry is underway, and the conflict surrounding the terrible civililian disaster in Debaltseve has been concluded. One way or the other, it is a bad deal for the Ukraine side, and a good deal for the independent republic side. Russia won, hands down, we need to give mr. Putin that.

But, as a man of peace, I am more interested in the longterm implications of the conflict. War is always terrible, the civilians in harms way are paying heavily for the problems we as international peace brokers cannot solve. Human beings pay, children cannot go to school, friends who knew each other their entire life separate, families are broken. This is the face of war.

Therefor war is always to be avoided.

Now, hopefully the dialogue and healing can begin. This is important, to mend the wounds and get back on a more amiable track. Wounds will fester if they are not healed, and perhaps here the churches can play a good role as arbiters of truth and consolation. We need the churches to heal wounds and help those in need of salvation and in need of just a place to have shelter.

This should be an international project, where all good churches should chip in and try to help those in need.

Also Jews are in danger, here again international Jewish agencies should help and save those poor souls who are in danger. I know this has been underway all the time already, but a focus on the healing process could be an item of interest, in the interest of Jewish life in the area and the traditions that they uphold.

I really think that the EU should not abuse the situation and use the catastrophe for their own gain. No, Russia is not a bad guy, it is a nation with national interests. As all other nations. Using the needs of Russia, to protect Russians, is fanning the flames, and people will die and suffer from this course. Be humane, think of the people in need, not just on your own needs. Your needs are not interesting in the face of children dying and people loosing the homes.

G-d bless you all, and thank you for your inherent kindness, that is shown in the actions of peacemaking.

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