vilks7In these days, where all we believe in is a stake, we need heroes. What is a hero in a modern time? It is a man or a woman, who risk his life, his future and his very existence for a cause. These people are very, very rare because they are made of a special material. They do not simply get up in the morning and got on with their daily business, they rise to fight another day, to challenge the status qua another day, to make a better a world out of all the chaos we have.

My friend is one of those rare people here on earth, and I am proud, not jut proud, but truly humbled by the attention I get from him, and the inspiration he gives me.

He is called Lars Vilks, and he has just been the attention of a major attempt on his life here in Denmark. He is my hero, my best friend, my little light in the vast darkness that surrounds us, and there is no doubt, that the ideas he believes in will be the ones we should fight for. That is humanistic, democratic ideals, with an acceptance of all Muslims who believe in peace, and a fierce stance against all Muslims who believe in Islamic State and the international Caliphate.

I believe, that one day, the world will turn again, and once again it will cry for freedom, once again will it defy all the corruption and destruction the late ideas have given us, and start having faith in democracy again.

The bannermen we should have, should be of the most durable material, the finest specimen of the human race. The most courageous, the most true, the most honest.

And now we have one of them, and he is called Lars Vilks.

I have linked to an interview with him after the attack, here you can perhaps get at feeling of his power. It is in Swedish, but if anything else, check out his unflinching blue eyes as he is called out on his belief in democray, and you will be awed.


G-d bless the heroes we still have, and may they be protected.

Another time another enemy:

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