The Middle East

Gardens of BabylonThe middle East. The place where the Hittities invented the asylum, where the Egyptian priests invented humanism, where the Assyrians invented kingship and astronomy, where writing was invented, agriculture, the wheel, aristocracy, mathematics, metaphysics, science.

This is the place we today bicker over, send our bombs over, with often very little understanding of all the layers of history and progress made there.

We are only fools to judge people in the Middle East, let alone believe we can guide anyone. We can perhaps give the Middle East something back, as Lawrence of Arabia, who through the meticolous application of Oxfordian methods dug up ancient ideas and artifacts of the Hittities.

Perhaps as me, who have dug up ancient principles that the Middle East can use to regain some footing.

But lecturing the Middle East? That is simply stupid and arrogant. We need to show respect for the ancient lore of the peoples there, because we can ourselves learn so much.

As the Coptic Church that I have fallen in love with. Such a simple and true church. There is no arrogance, and an immense acceptance of the burdens they bear. So beautiful.

This is a lesson to all of us, especially the Catholic and Anglican church. Look at them; the forefathers of Moses, with a simple and honest air, with a very direct connection to their congregation. With an ethical stand we can only dream to aquire. They go to the desert to make a joyful party in the midst of the danger.

Honest, sacrifising, simple and yet immensly deep.

This the Middle East. Something to revere and respect, not control.

G-d bless the ancient land of Two lands, Assyria, Babylon, Israel, Arabia and all the rest.

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