Iran_-Shiism_Islam-_Zoroastrianism-_ParsiismWe are coming to an end in the infight between mr. Netayahu and mr. Obama. It is about the Iran deal. I have, after I beat mr. Ahmadinejad in the first tenure together with mr. Obama, been in for a deal.

I believe in diplomacy as the first recourse, and only fighting as the second recourse. Sometimes it works, other times it does not work.

With Iran it works, because Iranians are basically a very gifted and positive people, the basic virtues of the realm of Persia is positive. It is an ancient nation of high culture, and is accostumed to be a leader in matters of religion and civilization. As Cyrus as Avicenna as Zoroaster. All great men who contributed to world civilization.

Now, in this discussion I am in direct disagreement with mr. Netanyahu. Mr. Netanyahu does not trust the current government of Iran, well, I cannot blame him. Given the current shadow fighting between Israel and Iran. I mean, in the last Gazan war, one of the main sponsors of the war was Iran. Add to this a direct link between Hamas and Iran, this is logical. Add to this his responsability to protect the Jewish people, a historical task, that has been given to towering figures as Solomon, David, Ben Gurion and Ariel Sharon, he is in a line of great men, that he has to live up to. Not easy, but possible.

I just have the fealing, that diplomacy will work, why? Because there is an opening and we do share the same values as Iran. Honestly, would Iran terminate the holy city, with the most holy of sites not only to Christians but also the Muslims, I do not think so. They are far too civilized for that. We are not talking ISIS here, but a mature and humane rule, that tries to find its place in history.

I do not know the deal that mr. Obama has made, but I trust him, and I believe it to be a good one. After all, it is not the content of the deal that matters, it is the attitude. Are we to fight more or to find peace?

I vote for peace, as long as there is a chance for it, and dialogue is continued.

I know that this goes against the interest of mr. Netanyahu, but as there was Haman and Esther, there was also Cyrus, and both these trends within Persia is a reflection of what Persia is.

G-d bless the will for peace.

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