Tommy Robinson

tommy-robinson-aka-stephen-yaxley-robinson-has-quit-english-defence-leagueNow, I have evolved a little. In the beginning it was all resistance movement and hell bent on fighting back the evil foe we have in our midst. Now it has become much more ”acceptable”, I have readers from all layers of the society, especially leaders who need inspiration to tackle all their numerous problems.

So the conflicts with my own close society have become less. That is in way a blessing, it gets straining to be an outcast for so long. It is ok, and I suppose you can get used to it, but at the end of the day, kids needs to go to school, birthdays are to be held, and endless conflict with everybody around you is a bit draining.

Now it seems to me, that my friend Tommy Robinson from the EDL have had a bit of the same development. From the endless fighting and the problems of organizing a huge defense league, to the more mellow and less straining existence as a politician and a leader. I really hope Tommy will have a reprieve, and people will start listening to him again. Because he has all the right answers. It is not about subjecting anyone to his will, and he is truly not a racist. He is a conservative liberal, as mr. Churchill, but with a new mix of agendas to consider.

Please let that guy in, he is all you have for a hero right now, but he is, at the same time, the best of us all. True, honest, sincere and protective.

Please, if any of my ideas and words have ever given you anything, give him the benefit of the doubt, he deserves it.

You will only be healed if you are able to be whole.

G-d bless England

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