BSBA170603400LI believe it is a good sign, that the Muslim Brotherhood is on the retreat, but not all arms of the octopus has been slain. Remember the Muslim Brotherhood is not a peaceful organization but a cover up for violent uprising, as we saw it in the aftermath of the deposing of Mursi, in very violent riots and desecration of churches.

They are quite powerful in Europe, where they have, cold war style, infiltrated the police, the cultural players, the media and academia.

If Egypt really wish to target The Muslim Brotherhood, both home and abroad, a clever strategy should be implemented. When the Sea people descended on Egypt, Egypt was the only state to survive the onslaught, because Egypt used cunning. Where the other powers used the outdated chariot, Egypt conquered the sea people in the sea. New enemies, new strategies.

So, the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the West, and here in Denmark there are numerous players that have made it a living to be friends with the terror organization. Especially the media and the cultural life. That is mostly singers and the like.

To counter the might the Muslim Brotherhood a strategy must be made to counter them at the heart of their strategy.

So Egypt needs to fight them in the place where they are strong; in media, and in culture.

In Denmark the alliance is very strong in the combination of socialist media; Danmarks Radio and representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood. A band and a singer. The band is called Outlandish, the singer Burhan G., both Muslim Brotherhood affiliates.

To counter that might, you need to counter the physical organization of the Brothers in Denmark.

To be precise, it is the youth radio called P3, that is behind the collaboration.

It has to be stopped, to stop the power of the Brothers in Denmark.

I will contact the state media, and ask for a negotiation. If they do not comply, I simply propose a sabotage of the media. They are enemies.

Hold on for a week, and let us see how they react.

G-d bless Egypt.

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