nature lightsWhen we pray, sometimes we feel an enormous jolt of light. That feeling is the means of G-d. Sometimes we may actually prod the world, or just the close vicinity of our tiny families, to something more full of live.

This is G-d, and this is the meaning of our existence, to be the gardeners of life. To wander in the world and give nourishment to everybody around us.

This world is also full of grim reapers, who try to destroy life, by casting a long shadow, or by torturing not only human beings, but nature in general.

So the live giving ability we have, is always pared with an ability to fight the dark lords in our world. If we forget this, the darkness will soon spread all over the globe.

We can discuss the means, and always the means should adequate the aim. But if we are unwilling to fight the darkness in our world, it will spread.

Now, life is complicated, to grow a garden, you have to be a good gardener. It is very difficult to support a family, and often a fight just to put a roof over your head and food on the table. But this is the vicious conditions we meet every day, and it is only if we are able to support each other around the globe, that all life will work and prosper.

Therefor we need to pray, because we have, in prayer, a guidance that will give the world more life. All of us, small, large, rich and poor are equal in the eyes of spirit.

G-d bless all who are ready to life to serve, and to fight to bring life.

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