Sons of light

When it comes to religion I suppose the Jews have made a huge impact on the world, first in a valiant fight for Middle East culture against the Greek and the Romans, then as the inspiration behind first Christianity and then Islam.

These days, as in the days of Jesus Christ, and in the days of Mohammad, peace on them both, someone is persecuted by evil. In the times of Christ it was the Roman consul, in the time of Mohammad, it was competing tribes.

All major religions are started as a fight against injustice.

We as Jews have wandered many miles to find a home and settle down. But yet there are more fights to fight against the desecration of the arrogant, and the sons of darkness. As they seek to destroy all that is beautiful and fragile.

This time is a time to remember this. That the sons of darkness are always lurking in the dark. As they tried to, and eventually came through with the murder of Christ, as they persecuted Mohammad. New foes of G-d are always emerging, new persons of injustice are waiting to spring forth, and it is only when we, who believe that G-d do exist and that spirit will help, who should rise and combat that root of evil around us.

The darkness is everywhere, and only if we are ready to fight with and for the light, may we prosper.

G-d bless the fighters of light.

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