There is an Interesting psychological incidence that is really happening here in Denmark right now. I mean I have thousands of Danish readers on my blog every month. This I can see from my statistics. I know I lot of them, because I can see who are using my ideas. I have a spy program on my blog, so I can see where they come from. And they come from all over Denmark.

But yet not a single reader have had the interest in defending Rakel. I mean let us put this in perspective, when the Nazis started persecuting Jews, few actually notice or did anything about it. There were notable exceptions, but usually they had some connection to Judaism in some way.

The rest the entire German populace simply accepted the rounding up of Jews, and the industrial effectiveness of the proceedings.

In fact large quantities of the German population saw it as an ideological fight to kill all Jews. Since Jews are genetically superior to Germans ALL had to be killed. At least this was the reasoning.

Now a little cute Jewish girl is tortured by the secret service, to make her father shut up and stop defending Jews.

NOBODY reacts to this obvious evil act NOONE.

What is the psychological basis of such a shared acceptance of antisemitism? In effect all Danes are responsible, as all Germans were in the Second World War. What make peoples accept the most evil of deeds, without hesitation?

G-d bless Rakel and let her live to prosper despite the darkness she is up against.

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