Working for and with Israel is often very expensive. You lose your job, your closest non Jewish friends and family will scourge you and cut off the contact. You are often forced to hear about the stupidity and the awful deeds of the terrible Jews. You have to put up with this, if you really wish to support Israel.

29_IH04523sNow, I am in the midst of a Hebrew course, it is, for me extremely expensive, and unfortunately, I am very lousy at it. I try to keep up, but it is difficult when you are locked up in a prison. Then I pay the admission fee, from the house budget, but I cannot afford the books and key board, because the tax collectors found the package and taxed me heavily. Then my “job” is expanded from the normal time frame to working extra hours, doing more chores. After I have started criticizing the role of PET, my chores have risen exponentially. Judging from the PET controlled job I have, PET seems to give me a good working, perhaps to stop me writing.

The point is, I am trying to learn hebrew from a prison, and I suppose, these are not the best of conditions.

It is like trying to force open a window, while the prison master tries to shut it close all the time.

If I was living in Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark, it would have been much easier. But after I have had to flee to a smaller city here in Denmark, with the police hot on my heels, communication and practical arrangement are very difficult. On top of this, there is the economic restraint.

What I am saying is; I really do all I can, but the conditions are not the best.

G-d bless Israel.

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