imageI know many good Germans, and unlike many other Jews, I actually like Germans. I have often been in Germany, especially with my dance ensemble, where I have danced in many German cities; Coburg, Braunschweig. Hamburg is one of my favourite cities, open, an old city of seamen, good people there.

But, I know Jews and Nazi Germany was a long and destructive story. My own great grandmother had to flee in a small fishing boat to get away from the Gestapo. I however believe in reconciliation and forgiveness, so in my mind, the attempt to remedy the wrongdoings done especially by the late pope mr. Alonius Ratzinger and the current kansler “mutti” Angela Merkel, are to my minds good attempts and I really support it. This has lead to, among other things, a much stronger relationship between the Catholic Church, that has really reaped the benefit of the late Popes reconciliation with us the Jews. In this matter I know I do not represent all Jews, but I represent the liberal and the open minded part of Jewish culture. This is a VERY touchy subject for Jews, and naturally many Jews are still very negative towards Germany.

Now, there is a chance for Germany to really show its true colors, and show that Germany have learned something in the last many years. There is certain little Jewish girl who has been tortured in a country not far from Germany. On top of this, the system is corrupting and starting to show some very dangerous signs, with a secret service growing, and starting to act like the Stasi. It is not as pervading as it was in DDR. But the system is as advanced and extremely methodical.

What I am saying, and this is an invitation to remedy some of the past wrongdoings, and a case against the tyranny of the secret service. Please Angela, help me.

G-d bless the vast land of the Germans.

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