George Orwell 1984?

So now, after quite a bit of pressure on the Danish terror mechanisms the interesting thing is, that a clearer picture emerges, we begin to see how this absurd system really work, how the tools are put to good use, how enemies of the state is persecuted with a vengeance.

It is all about walking the thin line of publicity. On one hand, everybody knows that what the system is doing is totally illegal, and in international law absolutely prohibited. The loss of standing in the international community is very high if the system is revealed, and there are many more caveats for the system.

On the other hand, the danger of the political pressure is also tremendous, if the critique is heard by the public, the state will have to rearrange it’s goals, and it will be under serious pressure from outside. This is not in the interest of the system, because it prefers to reign freely.

So it needs to quell the rebel voices, but not so that anyone notices, it has to be kept in the dark.

So what does it do? It uses the warmachine of the state on the individual. It use all the mechanics. Media, banking, social system, secret service, law system and whatever it can to secretly shut the dissidents off.

There are many ways, but central to the discussion is off cause the rights of the persecuted. In the time of the inquisition, there was actually a court. The persecuted could put his case before a judge. With one little aber dabei, he did not know for what he was charged for. So he had to defend himself blindly accused with something he did not know, other than that he was branded a heretic in my case I have been branded a racist but apart from that, none has put any charges against me.

There is no court so I cannot press my case to anyone. I am put in in prison, without a case, without any limit to the verdict, and literarily without any protection.

You see, everybody will vehemently reject the fact that I am persecuted. I mean, the head of PET, and the minister of law has been sacked because of the international pressure, but still no one will admit that the persecution even takes place. Everybody knows it, but to admit it would be to put Denmark in the same category as apartheid South Africa, and the loss of international prestige would be so great, that it would be too much for a nation otherwise known for its impregnable system of law.

The system however is deteriorating these days, so the Danes have to realize, that their system is under a very serious threat. Either we wander further down the path leading to a George Orwell society, or we stop now.

I say we stop.

G-d bless the fair and amazing islands of Denmark.

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