Very good signs

jensWell things are lightening up. For the first time since a became a critique of Islam, I have been invited to a highschool for a celebration of the late deceased and violently anti religious figure, the painter Jens Jørgen Thorsen. The highschool seems to understand that I somehow represent the same trend.

Uhm, I have been fighting for religion for many years now, and the only thing I have had against Islam is the fact that it, in some cases, is against democracy. Apart from that I belive it should be accepted on the same level as any other religion.  Yes there is a tendency to use violence in Islam, but that is not the same as to say that there are not many Muslims who abhor violence, and wish for a democratic future.

It is absurd, but I suppose that is what happens when the dialogue stops, and nobody actually listen to what you say. Then people tend to make up their own mind, and hear what they wish to hear.

But, never mind. It seems, the system is trying to make amends, and leave an open door for me. I appreciate that, and hope we can find a conclusion to the current predicament.

But, you have to pay up, that is the most important, and you have to forfeit the pro Islamist stance, and Jews should be able to wander freely EVERYWHERE in Denmark, including the ghettos, or that is a misnomer, here. Ghettoes used to hold the Jews in not out.

G-d bless the truth.

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