Mr. Cameron

st_georgeThank you Mr. Cameron for the support in the fight against Ms. Thorning-Schmidt. I suppose she has grabbed your attention, AND the attention of the rest of the English press. I hear, that you do not support her, off cause a “selfie” is a rather superficial thing. But at the end of the line, it shows her character just quite clear, she is not worthy of her post, and she should be put out of office the sooner the better.

But, things are good between England and Denmark basically. She represents the last stand of the racist focused liberals here in Denmark. That is not those who really combat racism, but those who believe in it as a system of persecution and vilification.

In England, the same system is really just as prevalent as it is in Denmark, and therefore you need to understand the roots and the medicine.

The roots are, as I have stated before, basically an inquisition system gone pretty mad. It is the liberal version, where an otherwise positive idea has been turned into a nightmare.

To get out of it, you at the one hand have to have a clear conscience, and that is, not be a racist yourself, and you have to initiate a new paradigm, to replace the old.

This is the basic idea behind the term “Islamism”. We have a fight with some of the muslims in Europe, not all, but those who do not accept our democratic way of live. Naming them “Islamists” is a way to differentiate between the muslim who are just religious in a personal manner, and those who believe in a political part of Islam. These Muslims believe in the Caliphate and Sharia, and they are directly opposed to democracy.

Now, as stated before, this is not a crime in a country where they have another political system, but it is a crime in a country where we have democracy.

So hitting hard at Islamists will serve you two purposes, not only hitting the obvious criminal muslims in the country, but also taking the momentum off the disgusting system of racist inquisition. Just hammer away on it, and prepare your troops for an engagement.

Add to this a crackdown on criminality in general and you are making some headway.

Please, if you wish, aid me in Denmark in my fight, I would be grateful, but as a true giver, it is not a precondition, I will help England anyway, because you are kin.

G-d bless England.

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