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us-draft-color-poster-2Now, concerning the development in the other area of my fight here in Denmark, we are progressing. I get positive signals from the CIA regarding the tough stance against the anti american actions of the prime minister, world-famous for her “selfie”.

CIA are not happy with what they see as an outright provocation and a serious threat to the wellbeing between Denmark and the US. Add to this torture of little Jewish girls, Denmark is not popular around the world.

Now, there is a new minister of Justice. A certain Karen Hækkerup. To me she seems ok, and everybody should have a chance to remedy the situation. I therefore salute her appearance on the wold stage.

We need to move ferociously to save Denmark, and you need to pick up the phone or mail me.

Let me let you in on the current development. First of all, the entire staff of PET have relieved the previous spook general of his command. In the press it was about the incidence with Ms. Kærsgaard that was the excuse, but really it was this case, the case of the torture of my daughter that kind of sprung the trap.

So what you need to do immediately is to address the problem. First of all, you can off cause deal directly with me, if not, send a middle man. I have previously stated my terms.

Then you need to find a chief of PET who is not willing to bow for the Islamists. In the beginning we will be watching him VERY closely, to see if he is a pro Islamist or not. If he is, action WILL be taken. One thing is to make a mistake, if you do it twice it is not a mistake anymore, it is a choice and a repeated choice.

The odds are pretty much in our favour. The entire Danish system is hard-pressed externally. Having a face down with the CIA, is the step before covert action.

Add to this the possibility of pressure from Israel, I hope Netanyahu will come to the aid of the Jews of Scandinavia, the system is under pressure from two fronts. If you do not do what I say, more fighters will enter fray from other countries. Denmark is without allies, and therefore forced to do what I say.

My demands on the other side, a part from ending the Islamists love affair, are humble. So they are not costly for the state.

But I need you to move, do not hesitate, or hesitation will be seen as a sign of non cooperation. You know how to contact me. The sooner the better.

G-d bless the fair islands of Denmark.

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