Jews in Scandinavia


The Jews of Europe is again under siege, as it has happened over and over again. This time the system is different from the last time, the veneer is thinly coating the bitter truth. While calling for anti racism actions, true racism against Jews are well under way.

Some countries are worse than other, but it no secret that the true evil rests in Scandinavia. Here areas are no go zone for Jews, without any official reaction. Here Zionists are not welcome as “tolerance” parties are thrown. To the disgust of all Jews. Here synagogues are attacked in the dark in Malmoe. Here large fences surround the schools of the Jews.

The ghetto mentality has already engulfed many Jewish families, as small areas are seen as “safe” and everybody knows, that the scourge is coming. This time not by Nazis, but at the hand of the Islamist bully.

What is really different in Scandinavia compared to the rest of Europe, is the tacit acceptance of anti jewish behaviour. And in extreme cases the direct support of anti jewish behaviour.

In France, when a school was attacked, the entire French public condemned the incident, and did all it could to help the Jews. This is not the case in Denmark, where Jews are simply leaving in droves.

Now, we need to stop this, and, honestly I hope Mr. Benyamin Netanyahu will address this alarming development with a tough stance.

The Middle East is on the repair, and we have the energy to seek out antisemitism in other parts of the world.

My proposal is simple; address the problems by the embassy. Be extremely precise on the different cases, and simply issue an official complaint. We need back up here, and we are calling upon the IDF.

Now, diplomacy is all that is really needed in this phase. The public does not accept the outright antisemitic conditions that is in existence around the countries, but they are unaware of the problems, because they are held in darkness.

This will hopefully change, if the embassy issues a direct warning to the public, and threaten military action, if the Jews are not able to wander freely, without the protection of the states.

This is not a game, this is real, and it is happening in the daily life of many Jews around the country. Some live in safe areas, others not.

Do this, and a victory for the Israel we have come to look upon as home, is in reach.

G-d bless the light of Israel.

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