20131213-114738.jpgThe way the local spooks have worked upon my sorry existence, is not something new. It is an old formulae. It was invented by the spaniards five hundred years ago, in what we know as the Inquisition.

It is a devilish scheme. The state will persecute individual citizens to make sure they abhor to the official creed of the state. They do this with two goals in mind. One off cause is to control the individual, but the second goal is to instill fear in the rest of the citizens, so that they do not stray from the official protocol. Where in the Spanish times you were branded a heretic, today you are branded a racist.

The system weighs in on the individual, and puts him under pressure, the ultimate aim is to make him confess. This is the same conduct that was used on Tommy Robinson, he was put under immense pressure, he was financially restricted, he was threatened day and night, he was persecuted in all the way the state could, why? To make him confess, and foreswear his “racist” ideology.

Now, as the inquisition, torture was rarely used, only as a last resort with certain stubborn individuals, who refused to admit their heresy, or in this case racism. This step was not used on me before many years, and also when my allies started to kick in, as in the case of the Islamist get together at 9/11. At that time, I began to be really dangerous, so torture was needed, not only on me, but to ensure the success, my daughter as well.

They needed me to confess.

I am stubborn, and I am not at racist, I am an intellectual with new ideas for our world. I want to change the world into something much better. But to the inquisition, this was not really important, what was important was that I threatened the status quo, and the alliance with the Islamists.

Do we really want such a system implemented in Denmark? Is this the world we wish to hand on to our children, George Orwells 1984 come into reality? Or do we wish to use the state as it is intented as a just and fair arbiter of truth.

G-d bless the truth as it is given to the fighters of light.

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