Dear Benyamin. There is a certain insecurity concerning the future of Israel these days. The power balance is shifting towards a new momentum.

I have been one of the architects behind this new equilibrium, and consequently you are off cause invited to ask anything of me. How did I do it, what was the calculations that lead to the conclusion. What are the plans for the future, and how is Israel invested and calculated positively into these plans?

Now Israel is not all, there are three super powers in the Middle East. There is Iran, there is Saud´i Arabia, Israel. You can count Turkey as a power as well, but seen from a Middle East perspective, they are more foreigners, because they are not too close to the main issues religiously and politically.

So, seen from at Middle East perspective, the equilibrium lies between the three powers.

So far the balance has been made through different strategies of alliances. Israel and Saud´i Arabia with North America, Iran with first the Soviet Union, France and later Russia.

This strategy does not make any sense anymore in the new world order. The world is not divide between two world powers, it is divide between numerous local powers, it is much more diverse.

So solely relying on America is not a good thing. On one hand the US has numerous problems itself, and needs to regain its strength and safe money, on the other hand Israel is sufficiently strong enough itself to defend itself.

Therefor I propose a more loose alliance with the US. Let the US fend off its own problems, we can defend ourselves easily.

Then, as a special privilege, out stretch out my hand, and hope you take it. I propose a formal agreement. You fend off my back, I fend off yours. All you need to do is to call me, write a mail, and you are welcome as my closest ally.

Israel is also the light upon all other Nations, but Israel is the core, and should therefore hold a special place in my reflections and stratagems.

I will be your friend, your brother and your equal ally.

G-d bless Israel.

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