Helle Thorning Schmidt

imageThings are progressing rapidly. A few weeks backs, Denmark was breathing in after the county election, and all of a sudden, a storm of insecurity and destruction has been send upon the heads of the most corrupt government Denmark has ever witnessed.

First the leading operative of the PET was sacked, then it infected the now retired minister of justice, and the heads are just rolling and rolling.

Who are next, most probably either the prime minister or the leader of the smaller government party SF, Socialist Folksparty.

But, there is a much more sinister story about al the fuss I have accomplished, together with the CIA to make.

Let me let you in on the dark side of Denmark, the evil side of a Nation otherwise known for its justice and impregnable incorruptible system.

The machinator, none other than the now world famous maker of a so called “selfie” photograph done in the most holy of all rituals that of deceased nobility.

She is worried, because, I have managed to cut down not only her prime tool of terror, the late mr. Scharff, the master spook, but also here right hand man Boedskov, the minister of justice. Just after or before the “selfie”, she got the message over her telephone, that Boedskov was dethroned as minister of justice. When she took the picture, she was shocked. It is like having your best warrior cut down just before you, and you now look into the eyes of your enemy whom you have tortured and put his children to the stake.

That is not a positive position to be in. That is the feeling behind the selfie, confusion and desperation. She sat between two men who, one I consider my best friend, and the other I hope to acquaint to safe England. Two of the most powerful men on earth, and she had just tortured the daughter of one of the men’s friends. Two Anglo Saxons by blood, sitting at the funeral of a freedom fighter. Whatever Mandela was, he was that. A fighter for his peoples freedom, that understanding that the end result is less than brilliant.

But, there is a darker a much more sinister story behind Helle Thornings Schmidts enigmatic smile, that facade of innocence; a story of deceit and corruption of the highest order. Let me tell you that story, to bring alive the most devastating and ugly story ever told in Denmark after the Christianization.

She is a student of Brugge. A vast complex situated in the capital of the European Union. She went there and she got her world view from that megalith of destruction.

There she was taught the art of deception. How to put on a pretty face, while you sacrificed the lives of the citizens to a unworldly G-d called personal ambition.

She was put into action in Denmark by betrayal. She never was respected by anyone in her own party, and she has never shown any real skill when it comes to state manhood.

But she prevailed, because she was connected into the corrupt underbelly of Europe.

The treason was like this. Before the election when she came to power, not much was heard about the plans she had for the country, not that much of a surprise, because she knew, and the machinators in Bruxelles knew, that they were unpopular in the rebellic country of Denmark. She had to implement the Schengen treaty, that is, no more borders. She had to expand the intake of “refugees” and first of all, most important she had to silence me. Why? Because at that time I, and I suppose, still is, one of the most successful fighters against the hegemony of Brussels. They knew, and know me very well from when I went there five years ago and blasted them with words, they know me from the insurrection I have caused in England, France, and most importantly in Belgium itself.

I was to be silenced, to make way for the empire of Belgium.

So after sacrificing the life of the conservatives in the interest of Bruxelles. She came to power.

In the beginning I did not notice it that much. For a long time I had criticized the PET for going too far in their attempts at shutting me up, but then I noticed an increase in the pressure. It culminated in the infamous meeting at 9/11 last year, where she and her henchmen invited an Islamist from Pakistan to make “conference” on the mutual relationship between Denmark and Islamists such as the Sharia wielding cleric.

I opposed it vehemently and then all hell rained down on me. I was to be tought a lesson, but quietly, no one was supposed to know about the lesson I was taught.

A setup was arranged for me. I got a “job” where I was put in the most difficult situation, and Rakel was tortured.

You see the hand behind? How she was continuously trying to shut me up? The now retired minister of justice, was the most trusted employee of her. His hallmark was trying to blur everything and make it more difficult to understand what was happening behind the veils of power. He was directly behind the torture of Rakel.

A harassment of this level does not happen all by coincidence, it is coordinated by Helle Thorning Schmidt and her chronies, as always done by Bruxelles, by deceit.

Now her two most trusted employees are gone, and she is next. That is the feeling behind that clumsy smile, and that infantile attempt to bond with Mr. Cameron and Mr. Obama.

She is trying to corrupt Denmark, by doing unthinkable things with the different tools of state. Torture, harassment, persecution.

This is her legacy.

G-d bless the fair hills of my beloved country; Denmark.

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