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imageOk, my feeling is, that the IDF or the Mossad is cooking up an attack on the Danish system. It still has some time to relinquish It’s strangelhold on my person and my close vicinity of friends. But my best guess is, that it will continue on its current course and spend up half the infrastructure of Denmark, before it will surrender to my pretty humble demands. But that is the way with Jew haters and antisemites, they are often rigid in their thinking, no doubt about that. As the nazis, they went down man and mouse, not to surrender but who knows, maybe this time there will be a change in attitude.

But we need to do something about the current conflict in the close vicinity of Israel. It is the last stand of the Jew antimovement in The Middle East, and G-d willing it will end in some time.

The problem is basically, that these guys do not have any other option but to pressure Israel for concessions. It is their basic rasion d’être. They live to fight Israel, if that fight is over, there will be no more world class help, no more meetings at an international level, no more attention from the major players in the Middle East. The party is over.

So really, they fear the day the peace is made, and try, to all their best, to postpone that moment. The actions done in the last few weeks are therefore not the actions of Egypt, major Arab countries or Iran, but of local chieftains wanting attention.

The simple solution would then be to give them some of that attention, but in a new way. Instead of fighting them tooth to nail as in Denmark, we simply need to shower them with some positive attention. Give them an exposure of positive regards in an international fashion. Throw a media program on their positive virtues, and give them what they really need; attention, but in a manner where they will feel like the rock stars they want to be.

After they see that we wish peace, hopefully we can make some kind of agreement.

I know that it seems like a silly plan, but war and peace is more about understanding the needs of your enemy, than it is fighting simple physical wars.

G-d bless Israel.

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