The UK is moving in the wrong direction. Scotland is on the verge of breaking with England, and the Muslim brotherhood is deeply entrenched in the society. The entire public is reeling after the onslaught of Cold War methods as infiltration in media, culture life and academia. I do not know whether the Brothers have infiltrated as much in Britain as they have in Denmark, but it would be strange if it did not at least had a try.

Now saving England and off cause also the northern part of UK with al its lochs and mountains, is a very difficult process.

Basically the entire cultural life has to combat not the Muslims, but the idea of multi culturalism. Why? Because it is a silly, shallow idea, that is not founded in any serious philosophy, and consequently brings more harm than good.

I believe, that there are no different races, there is only man. One race; man. But even men need organizations to shelter him, what we call civilization. The rule of law, democracy, religion.

If these items of man made culture and organization is pulled down by a stupid idea, all the benefits we have reaped of the ideas over the last millennias, will end. It will be a dog eats dog world, a world where we return to a rule of the strong. As we see all over Europe these days. Criminality, fascism of different kind sprouting up, and normal helpless citizens in harms way.

Therefor a renewed discussion on the basis of our systems is needed, a renaissance. A new age of Enlightenment. We need to understand and fight for the very basis of our civilization, for democracy, for light, for the humane dignity of all men.

This fight is in a way both liberal and conservative. Because both systems of ideas support some of the basis of our civilization. Traditionally liberals support the idea of equality of law and of religion. And traditionally conservatives support our freedoms and the right to have and uphold justice.

Things get mixed sometimes, but my point is. We are all in the same boat, and we need to start rowing, all of us, to get out of the catastrophic and hazardous line of decay we are in right now.

It is about looking inwards and really start appreciating the virtues and values that we have, and have had. And start fighting for them. It is about the fact that we need to realize, that the all encompassing state has left, and we are, as citizens, rightly endowed with rights. Rights to live freely and under the protection of law.

There are many, mostly foreigners, who do not respect this system. And they should be treated as foes. Because that is what they are. They wish to destroy our democracies, and we need to counter that. With force, if necessary.

They scope is mind boggling. According to some of my sources here in Denmark. Up to eighty percent of the Muslim inhabitants are flauntingly antisemitic and anti democratic. These numbers are far from the numbers in the Middle East and elsewhere in the Muslim world.

We need to realize, that we have, unwillingly, created a very fanatical Muslim community that is a true danger not only to us, but to the entire world.

So, the state needs to rein in, and control these matters, otherwise the public will, and we will descend into the true abyss; civil war.

G-d bless the might of the Anglo-Saxons and the Scotsmen.

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