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imageAs we enter the next year, this year will be very decisive in many ways. A lot of the dangers we have had; the prospect of a nuclear arms race in the Middle East and the eclipse of United States of America as the strongest protector of human rights, are now not dangers anymore. I know that there are some time before the deal between the West and Iran is finished, but realistically the arms race is basically over. And United States of America have kick started its engine of industry and stopped the decline.

On the other hand, the seemingly unstoppable China have seen many set backs, and are not so dominant anymore.

These events are however only overtures to the real conflicts that will appear soon. On one hand we have the al-Qaeda network and on the other hand we have the probability of conflict with China.

Al-Queda have seen some serious setbacks. The most significant has been the failure of Morsi and the ineptitude of The Muslim Brotherhood when it came to show. This has had some ripple effects on the whole Sunni Muslim world. On one side the pro Al-queda side has been hit hard. The Turks are reeling from the blow, Scandinavia is reeling from the blow and Saud I Arabia has reaped many benefits of the demise.

Right now, my friends in Riyadh are the sole definers of a serious way for Sunni Islam together with Al-Azhar in Egypt.

This is still not totally realized by the Saudis, but when they realize the potential progress, I believe they will be satisfied withe the course we have taken. We still are not there yet, but a rennaessance for Islam, is possible.

In Europe however things look much more bleak. Only now are the governments waking up to the fact, that the entire system is compromised. What seemed a good idea in multi culturalism, is now a total nightmare with few options of retreat. A devastating year is to come. Al-Queda and the Brothers have virtually carved out an entire landscape of small states. These states are controlled by enemy forces, and should be treated as such. It is everywhere; France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy. Everywhere there are absolutely hostile forces camped in. We have no idea about their potential firepower, their tactics or game. But we did get a glimpse of it in the Egyptian revolution, where women were targeted on streets, and churches were torched. Remember it is the same people who live in the European zone sensible as the ones who controlled Morsi.

So we need to wake up and smell the bloody coffee, if you would excuse my language.

On the other side if the globe, there is China. On one hand, China is really rational, and, traditionally, not that aggressive. But these things are shifting in these days. China is all over the place, and aggressively punching on their neighbors to extract natural resources and just dominate.

This has, rightly, spooked the neighbors. Russia is spooked, Japan is spooked, Indonesia is spooked, and good old USA is totally spooked.

Luckily I knew this was coming, so I have tried to prepare for the problems. A major part of American production is now the way home to the States, and perhaps even more important. The weapons manufacturers have been warned to the fact, that China is spying, and is very good at it. This gives us the ability to produce new weapon systems that will have a distinctive advantage against Chinese made weapons.

We should not underestimate them, they are coming, and they are all in it for a fight, and we need to be ready for it.

Concerning research and development of defense systems, we therefor need to focus on two main industries. One is robotics, because the fights we will have in Europe and other places we have to fight al-queda, will be urban warfare, and to spare the lives of our brave soldiers, we need to have an edge. But it should be robots that are made for close combat in cities.

A good idea, would to be to combine the progress we have made in computer artificial intelligence, small arms progress, and small moving robots. Put an efficient gun on the top of a small, versatile robot, and let it work in coordination with ten other robots the same size. That would be a strong weapon.

In the fight against China, there is one other terrible danger, besides off cause conventional warfare; atomic warfare. If the show really starts to heat up, the nuclear bombs might just start to fly. We need to do all we can to hinder that possibility. Israel has made som good progress in missile defense. If I were the American contractors, I would seriously look into missile defense.

On the other hand. It is also a good idea to spare some money, to get United States of America up and running again. It is a trade off.

But, all in all, we are in a much better position now than we were a few years ago. Our fighting chances have improved a lot, and I would say, that the tenure of mr. Barack Obama is the turning point of United States of America. The abyss is now not in sight, and everything is moving in the right direction. Israel as well. Add to this; Iran, Egypt, Saud I Arabia, the Church of Rome and South America. And things are getting better.

For me, I just need to get this fight with the Danish system over, and I can concentrate much more focused on philosophy and politics again.

G-d bless you all, and may spirit guide you on your path.

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