One of the most difficult answers these days is the answer to the crisis of England. Once the ruler of the world, today only a shadow of its former glory.

When you loose your prestige and your dominion crumbles, you need to realign yourself with the new conditions.

Now, the problem is not lack of money or power, the UK is powerful and rich. The problem is the alignment of the current government. The philosophy of the government, it has not been adjusted to the reality of this time.

There are two main focuses that needs to be realigned to remake the prowess of the proud Britains.

One, you need to shed yourself of all political correctness. You cannot follow the trend you have followed theses last forty yours, you need to realign.

Second, you need to tackle the growing threat of Islamist on your own land.

The first question should be connected to the other. Because how do you realign your current philosophical ideas with the tackling of the threat of Islamism?

You do it by redefining the ideas of the state to tackle the Islamist.

Now, the problem of the current system is the fact that it is too focused on the imperial heritage. England still sees itself as the heir to Rome. This is over.

The empire has fallen, how sad or difficult this is to realize, this is the fact.

Therefor a new philosophy should supercede the old philosophy.

The new philosophy is a philosophy that would draw on the Anglo-Saxon heritage more, and thus focus on England instead of the empire.

Who were the Anglo Saxons? They were free warriors, drawn from the same stock as the Danes. Fierce, strong and pure in the sense of materialism.

This is the fact no one can deny.

Therefore the democratic tradition, that has been reinforced by the United States of America, is originally a cultural trait of the Vikings.

Islamist does not like democracy, they prefer the caliphate.

Therefor there is an intense confrontation between England and the Muslim brotherhood, who are the main organizers of Islamists in Britain.

The point; the philosophical focus should shift from focus on the empirical traditions, to the focus on democratic traditions.

These democratic traditions, should be followed and respected by all who put their home in England.

If they do not respect this tradition, they may very well find somewhere else to life.

This is the lore of the ancients, on both sides, both the Roman, as well as the Anglo-Saxon. Because, democracy was also a system that the Romans liked, not as much as the Athenians, but to some degree.

The shift of focus, to a firm fight for the rule of law judged and decided by the people of England to the benefit of said people, should be enacted immediately.

G-d bless the land of the English.

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