There are several territorial issues at stake in the confrontation between east and west, but there is something much more profound on stake that has yet been undisclosed and not mentioned in the debacle between the states of east and west.

The trust.

To trust someone, you need to understand that person, and the relationship you may build up, is in direct relation to the connection to the spirit we have in common.

If we do not have a connection to spirit, we are prone to see everything through our own perspective and do as we as individuals see fit.

If we are in connection to spirit, we tend to share our good will and our feelings with other persons.

This is what trust is; it is a connection maintained over time, and a continued understanding of the relation as something good.

When we fight, we tend to distrust each other, we see the other persons through our own fears and prejudice, as people always call Jews “scourge of the earth”, we as Jews know, that is not us they look upon, but their own self image, distorted and somehow darkened by the shadow of materialism.

This is what is happening in Ukraine, we are sucked deeper and deeper into the prejudice and the hate of each other, and we cannot see other persons as they are.

This vicious circle has to be broken if we are to make peace.

We need to shed the prejudice and see each other as we are, not as enemies, but as normal persons with fears and ambition, the peace deal is made when we settle on what is a true compromise and try to find a way to release our fears and find trust again.

G-d bless the continuation of peace.

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