Now, to pursue the peace of Israel and the Middle East, we need to understand the way this may happen.

The current negotiations have failed, and that is because the alignments were basically Cold War alignments. Things have changed, the ideological tit for tat dynamics of the Cold War has stopped, even though we had a brief setback in Ukraine, and the new dynamics is more chaotic, but also less threatening dynamic.

So, we can move on.

The overall aim of the process is to strengthen all three monotheistic religions. We need to carry that mission to its end. If we reach this goal, world will enter into a phase of peace unknown to mankind.

There are some fights yet to fight, like the fight with the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe, but after that peace will descend on mankind.

The leader of the process seems to be the pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic Church. He has paved the way for a new way of seeing religion as something worthwhile, and something respected.

Therefor the meeting of his eminence Francis and the Jerusalem participants is the starting point of the peace process.

I know that the plan of the meeting in Jerusalem has already been more or less set, but in the light of the recent events, and the setback of the Cold War peace process, perhaps a new alignment could be arranged?

To initiate the process, meetings with the heads of the two other monotheistic religions, and the two other dominant Christian religions could perhaps be arranged. Shia, Sunni, Orthodox, Anglican the head of the official Jewish rabbinate plus the head of the reformed rabbinate.

Who to invite and the whereabouts is a bit of a puzzle where all should be invited that counts, but no one should feel rejected.

This is truly a task with moment of splendor, and the possible work of all who believe in the spirit.

G-d bless the possibility of peace.

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